Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good news! The publisher has approved the new cover for the cookbook. Its dramatically different for the first cover design, and I think it looks spectacular! A larger view is available in PDF format.

I'm happy! Of the half dozen or so different designs presented, I liked this one the best from the first time I saw it. Lucky for me, the publisher and their focus group were in agreement, so this should be the final version... barring any last minute resersal, of course

Follow this link to see the original cover concept art, and you'll see just how dramatically the design has changed and morphed into the end product. Take a look and then post your comments here, I want to know what you think.

I'm extremely happy with my editor -- yes, shameless pandering on my part! -- but he really listened to my concerns and then worked hard to accomodate my suggestions in the finished design.

As for what's happening with the cookbook now; a "professional indexer" is putting together the index. Did you know there was such a job? I didn't, but I'm extremely grateful that I don't have to do that work myself. Been there! Done that! Never want to do it again!

Also, it looks like the publishing date is holding for early February, so keep that in mind. Preliminary placeholders (still showing an earlier cover art) are now up at Amazon US ($15.61) and the Amazon UK (£10.09), and soon on other online book sellers too.


The book is moving along very well, and the publisher has decided to release it to bookstores a little earlier than first planned. The official release date will now be January 21, 2008, so it will be available to consumers on Amazon shortly there after, and in stores throughout the country and overseas within 3 weeks after that.


Anonymous said...

THIS is much better the the other cover! Now is looks very professional, and the food looks yummy too.


londonlilly said...


I just found it on the UK Amazon and did the preorder to get your book when its first out. This will be so handy in my kitchen as both me mom and I use the cooker near everyday.

garwood said...

Very nice. I like this one better and I'm looking forward to some new recipes.

Sandy said...

I love the new cover, much better than the old one. I actually found your site from the book description on Amazon. I received a 5qt digital pressure cooker for Christmas. I've never used a pressure cooker before. My husband made a wonderful pot roast using the included cookbook. I would love to try more recipes but I'm having trouble finding recipes that give directions for the digital pressure cookers. Will your new book contain this kind of information? Or at least information on how to adapt a stovetop pressure cooker recipe for a digitial pressure cooker?

Miss Vickie said...

Hi Sandy,

Many novice pressure cooker users are under the mistaken belief that they can only use recipes specific to their particular brand. The good news is, that is not true at all.

Just as you wouldn't limit yourself to only using the recipes that came with your microwave or toaster oven, you wouldn't do that with a pressure cooker either. I've covered this topic in depth in an article on my website which should clear up your confusion.

One of the problems with electric pressure cookers is a lack on standardization in the control systems. These vary from model to model and brand to brand, and change frequently, making it impossible to provide separate operating instruction for every type of electric pressure cooker. That's why most recipes use the universally accepted stovetop as the defacto standard.

Your owner's manual will provide the specific operating directions for your appliance, while the recipes will provide the ingredients, prep, cooking time and release method. These are two separate issues.

For example, the package instructions for microwavable food gives the cooking time, but you are expected to know how to use the functions on your own microwave. Same thing applies to pressure cooker recipes, you need to know how your own cooker works.

I recommend that you use the Test Drive as many times as necessary to familiarize yourself with how your brand operates. Once you get more accustomed with how your model works, and better understand the control settings, I'm sure you won't have any problems using other recipes.

If you have a recipe that has you stumped, email it to me and I'll walk you through it. Please use my main email at if you reply

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